At Dar Al Qias Evaluation, we specialize in providing comprehensive evaluation services that empower you to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve your goals. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering accurate, insightful, and actionable assessments tailored to your specific needs.

Purchase price Allocation – assisting in assigning a fair value to the assets and liabilities of the company that will be acquired.

Operational Due Diligence – performing customized operational due diligence reviews on private equity funds, venture capital funds, crypto funds, real estate funds and counterparties to help investors in decision making.

Plant, Machinery and Equipment Valuation – performing asset valuation for business purposes including financial reporting compliance, interest expense allocation, insurance coverage, tax reporting compliance and etc.

Deal Advisory – consulting and guiding companies that are considering mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and looking to raise capital.

Operational Due Diligence – performing customized operational due diligence reviews on private equity funds, venture capital funds, crypto funds, real estate funds and counterparties to help investors in decision making.

Real Estate Valuation – performing real estate valuation of commercial, residential, industrial properties to consult clients in making informed business decisions. Our services include: financial and tax reporting, REIT valuations, financial lending valuations, portfolio valuations, insurance valuations, assets liquidation valuations.

Financing and Debt Consulting – assisting in financing or restructuring current debt backed by real estate holdings consulting: equity and debt restructuring, non-performing loan services, sell-side and buy-side loan investment consulting, lease renegotiation support, mortgage loan services outsourcing, optimizing financing structures.

Hospitality Advisory – assisting in asset management, operational audits, strategic planning and valuation of hospitality real estate holdings.

Property Asset Management and Optimization – helping in optimization of real estate costs including: asset and portfolio of  Real Estate investment management, distressed asset remediation, strategic planning, development and construction consulting and management, property management, project management and monitoring.

Real Estate Investment Advisory – assisting clients in due diligence on real estate, property investment analysis, technical and property condition reviews, feasibility studies, financial analysis and modeling, sales-leaseback advisory, environmental due diligence.

Fixed asset management and advisory – assisting clients in managing and valuing client’s fixed assets. Our service supports clients in meeting internal and external audits, governance standards, financial and risk management reporting requirements. Also, it includes building and equipment insurance valuations.

Market research – evaluating market demand, competition, trends, customer needs by using quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Technical feasibility – analyzing equipment, technology, infrastructure requirements.

Financial feasibility – modeling and forecasting of financials outlooks based on market expertise and data.

Legal compliancy – conducting reviews on regulatory requirements to make sure client’s business meets requirements.

Business model development – assessing various business models for market entry including franchise, joint ventures, direct investment and recommend the most appropriate approach for the business.

Risk assessment – identifying market risks and risks from microenvironment and providing solutions to mitigate these risks.

Organizational structure – developing most suitable organizational structures in terms of the management and workforce for project’s successful implementation.

Financial Due diligence – assessing company’s financial health, analyzing financial performance, examining assets, liabilities and financial systems to validate financial stability of the company and identify risks.

Dispute Resolution Services – assisting in resolution of disputes including shareholder disputes, employee share and bonus programs.

Insolvency advisory – helping clients for corporate recovery due to financial and operational challenges by developing liquidity projections, enhancing cash flow management, reviewing and advising on capital and debt structures, obtaining additional financing and etc.

Interim management – assisting clients to fill interim management roles to be able to implement turnaround initiatives within short period by taking up senior roles, managing communication with internal and external stakeholders and implementing restructuring plan.

We recognize the significance of this process in confirming the presence of assets that were identified during the research and recognition stage, and observing and assessing their material and technical condition, along with all their operational capabilities. The inventory phase is conducted via skilled team dedicated to implementing industry best practices and relevant standards.

This step is preforming in-line with the inventory phase, the team labels the assets by advance tags technology for registration of fixed assets. This is to be performed in-line with client confirmation of system and methodology and in accordance with the relevant standards.

consulting services

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is the process of setting up the long-term goals of an organization or institution and then determining the means of
achieving them. Strategic planning is an effective tool to ensure the sustainability and long-term success of a business. That process includes
analyzing the external and internal environment of the organization and identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the
opportunities of success effective remedies are taken into account to avoid possible risks.

Strategic planning services:

  • Current situation valuation: Our specialized experts conducts an evaluation for the current situation of other institutions, organizations and
    companies through precise studies for their operations and organizational structures.
  • Environmental analysis: This analysis includes studying the external factors that impact the organization, such as economic, political,
    social, and technological developments.
  • Vision and objective development: Our company assists in making strategic plans to form the future vision and strategic objectives our
    clients desire to achieve.
  • Strategic plan development: This service comprises setting up and developing strategies to achieve the set goals.
  • Implementation and monitoring: This service involves supporting the organization in carrying out the plans and watching out its progress
    toward achieving its objectives.
  • Specialized consultations: Providing specialist services to help organizations in different fields such as marketing, information technology,

Corporate restructuring is a strategic process undertaken by company leaders to enhance performance, increase efficiency, and create value for
shareholders. It involves reorganizing the company’s structures and operations to better adapt to market changes and achieve business

Restructuring services:

  • Current Situation Assessment: We assist companies in evaluating their current situation, reviewing their organizational structures, and
    assessing the performance of their various departments.
  • Financial Performance Analysis: This analysis includes evaluating the company’s financial performance, and analyzing profits, losses,
    and distributions.
  • Operational Analysis: Our experts valuate the internal operations, analyze efficiency, and identify Non-effective operations.
  • New Strategy Development: Developing a new strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and future orientations.
  • Organizational Structure Changes: Carrying out structural changes in the company, such as reorganizing management, redirecting
    departments, or rationalizing operations.
  • Employees Restructuring: This service involves providing advice on career redirection for employees affected by changes in the
    company’s structure.
  • Team Motivation: Providing programs to motivate and support during the period of change.

Policies and procedures:
Policy and procedure development is an important process for organizations to ensure organization, compliance, and effective goal achievement.
This process includes creating written and specific policies and procedures that serve as a guide for the organization’s employees in carrying out
their tasks and making decisions.

Policies and procedures services:

Gaps assessment: The process of policy and procedure development begins with assessing the organization’s needs. Areas that require new or
improved policies and procedures must be identified.

Document preparation: This service includes the preparation of official policy and procedure documents. These documents should be written
clearly and in an understandable manner, and it may include step-by-step guidance.

Compliance review: This service involves reviewing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in
the sector in which the organization operates.

Customization of documents: Policy and procedure documents can be customized to align with the organization’s unique needs and

Employee training: This includes providing training courses to employees to ensure their understanding and compliance with the new policies
and procedures.

Technical support: Providing Ongoing technical support to the organization to assist in implementing policies and procedures and addressing

Financial Consulting

Investment consultations:
Investment consultations are crucial factors that companies engage in on many occasions, such as in cases of acquisitions, mergers, or
purchasing stakes in startups or mid-stage companies. These consultations take various forms to assess their suitability for investors.

Investment consulting services:

  • Assisting companies or organizations in selecting the appropriate asset for investment based on the requirements requested by the
    company or organization, often occurring in cases of mergers and acquisitions to create synergistic value.
  • Preparing The Financial Investment Plan: This includes studying and analyzing the assets intended for larger investments in terms of
    returns and operational and financial performance of the opportunity.
  • Performance Assessment: The performance assessment service includes an analysis of the portfolio and companies owned by the clients
    to inform stakeholders about the current values of their portfolios of subsidiary companies..

IPO – consultations:
IPO (Initial Public Offering) consultancy is a financial and investment services provided to companies and organizations planning to raise
capital from the public by offering their shares for sale on the financial market. IPO consultancy is considered a vital element to ensure the
success of the process and achieve the best value for the company.

IPO consultations services:

  • Gaps And Strategic Assessment: Consultations are provided on the subscription requirements and determining the fit strategy for the
  • Subscription Arrangement Consultations: Providing consultations on arranging the necessary procedures for offering shares in the market,
    including legal and regulatory procedures.
  • Marketing and Promotion: The service includes developing marketing and promotion strategies to attract potential investors and raise
    awareness about the initial public offering.
  • Document Preparation: This service involves preparing the necessary documents for the process, such as the investment prospectus and
    initial public offerings.
  • Offers and Negotiations Management : Consultations are provided on how to present offers and manage negotiations with potential
  • Strategic Guidance: Providing advice to the company on enhancing its performance and improving its attractiveness to investors.

Consultations on Equity and Debts Arrangement :
Equity and Debt arrangement is an organizational process performed by companies and institutions to manage equity and debt structures effectively.
The goal of this process is to improve the balance between Equity and debt, ensuring the sustainability of operations and future growth.

Services of equity and debts management:

  • Equity Structure Analysis: This analysis involves examining the company’s current ownership structure and analyzing shareholder contributions,
    control levels, and participation in company management.
  • Financial Consultations: Our highly-skilled consultants advise on the arrangement of the ownership and the debts and then provide advice on
    how to finance the company effectively in a balanced manner, whether through equity or debt.
  • Equity Restructuring: This service includes changing equity structures, such as mergers, acquisitions, and stock purchases.
  • Debt Analysis: Debt analysis involves assessing the size and structure of the debts and estimating the ratio of the debt level to the company’s
  • Capital Structure Improvement: This service involves enhancing the capital structure by improving the profit distribution and focusing
    investments on the main projects.
  • Financial Risk Management: Helping in equity and debts arrangement to identify and manage potential financial risks, including pricing and
    hedging against market fluctuations.
  • Debt Structure Enhancement: This service involves organizing debt structures to make them sustainable and suitable for the company’s needs.

Financial planning :

Financial planning is the process of setting financial goals and developing strategies to achieve them. Financial planning
includes estimating expected income and expenses and organizing financial matters in a way that allows for effective money
management and achieving the balance between fulfilling the obligations and achieving the personal or organizational financial goals

Financial planning services:

  • Financial Goals Assessment: The service begins with understanding and analyzing the client’s financial goals, whether they are for retirement,
    wealth improvement, education funding, or others.
  • Budget Preparation: A personal or institutional financial budget is determined to create a plan for managing income and expenses.
  • Debt Management: Guidance on effective debt management and rapid repayment to reduce interest costs.
  • Investment Planning: Developing investment strategies that align with the client’s financial goals and the acceptable risk level.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuous guidance for monitoring and evaluating financial performance and making adjustments
    when necessary.
  • Education and Guidance: Educating and guiding the client on financial planning concepts and how to make smart financial decisions.




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